Who We Help

Our members are groups and organizations that have an interest in collaboratively combating antibiotic resistance and promoting stewardship efforts. This includes a wide variety of audiences such as researchers, educators, health professionals, and industry representatives.

Our Mission

The National Institute of Antimicrobial Resistance Research and Education (NIAMRRE) is a member organization that drives cross-sector engagement and coordinated action to combat the global threat of Antimicrobial Resistance across humans, animals, and the environment. To achieve our mission, we have identified four distinct focus areas: research, education, collaboration, and advocacy.

  • Advancing AMR research through the cultivation of networks and resources
  • Improving knowledge and stewardship of AMR through training and outreach
  • Convening cross-sector AMR stakeholders for the purpose of action
  • Raising awareness of AMR and advocating for AMR-specific funding

What We Do

NIAMRRE connects people, resources, and ideas to accelerate and synergize efforts to combat antibiotic resistance. We create meaningful, action-oriented relationships that enable a shared vision across the animal-human-environment AMR system.


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