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NIAMRRE works with our partners to inventory existing AMR educational and extension efforts, identify gaps, and use resource-pairing to build effective teams to address these gaps. We also work to identify best practices in the science communication of AMR to lay audiences. We then collaborate with experts to simplify complex AMR topics for general consumption and provide resources to end users.

We value the input and involvement of all stakeholder groups and hope that you will join our mission to solve AMR challenges using a One Health approach. Cross-disciplinary participation helps to bridge resource and knowledge gaps and create sustainable progress. Please contact us to learn about how you can get involved!

NIAMRRE advances AMR education by improving knowledge and stewardship through training and outreach. Specifically, we:

  • Utilize peer-reviewed learning outcomes to evaluate, improve, and implement education and training efforts

  • Assist outreach efforts to convey current AMR knowledge and encourage change

  • Improve the scientific communication of AMR