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NIAMRRE brings together AMR stakeholders in animal, human, and environmental health including but not limited to academia, healthcare, industry, governmental and non-governmental organizations, and the general public. We then work with our partners to provide a safe space and opportunities for fruitful discussion and collaborative, actionable progress to be made toward mitigating the effects of AMR on society.

We value the input and involvement of all stakeholder groups and hope that you will join our mission to solve AMR challenges using a One Health approach. Cross-disciplinary participation helps to bridge resource and knowledge gaps and create sustainable progress. Please contact us to learn about how you can get involved!

NIAMRRE convenes cross-sector AMR stakeholders for the purpose of action. Specifically, we build awareness and appreciation of stakeholders in the AMR space by:

  • Identifying AMR stakeholders across the One Health spectrum

  • Facilitating dialogue between all AMR stakeholders

  • Fostering an environment to build productive, cross-sector relationships in the AMR space