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NIAMRRE coordinates advocacy efforts amongst academic, industry, and commodity collaborators. Together, we identify funding priorities in the AMR space, develop and distribute materials enhancing knowledge of AMR while supporting these priorities, and work to influence appropriations toward these priorities using a One Health approach.

We value the input and involvement of all stakeholder groups and hope that you will join our mission to solve AMR challenges using a One Health approach. Cross-disciplinary participation helps to bridge resource and knowledge gaps and create sustainable progress. Please contact us to learn about how you can get involved!

NIAMRRE raises awareness of the AMR challenge among policy makers and advocates for AMR-specific funding across the One Health spectrum by:

  • Engaging with federal relations teams and actively participating in legislative visits with partner institutions/agencies to deliver a consistent message to appropriators and policy makers regarding AMR

  • Promoting inter-agency funding mechanisms that can fund transdisciplinary research in AMR