NIAMRRE Scientists are faculty, staff, and educators at NIAMRRE member institutions actively working in AMR. Being designated as a NIAMRRE Scientist aids us in connecting people to organizations and projects that will advance our understanding of AMR. NIAMRRE Scientists are integral to building the NIAMRRE community. As we add new members, our community will expand.

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Locke Karriker

Swine Medicine Education Center at Iowa State University College of Veterianry Medicine Iowa State University
Work Phone: 515-294-2283
Photo of Locke Karriker


Areas of Expertise: Veterinarian, Epidemiology (Ag), Antibiotic Stewardship Best Practices, Antibiotic Stewardship Training and Communication, Drug Detection and Quantification, Drug Delivery, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacology Modeling, Biosecurity, STEM Education, Extension and Outreach.