Member Roles


Each paid member will designate one Advisor that will serve on the NIAMRRE Advisory Council. This individual would act as the primary mechanism for moving information back and forth between the institution and the NIAMRRE office. They will also vote on the selection of representatives to serve on the Leadership Council. Additional responsibilities of the Advisory Council include:

  • Planning, prioritization, and implementation of short-term activities/efforts approved by the Leadership Council
  • Working with the Operations Center to provide an annual report of activities accomplished or underway
  • Working with the Operations Center to develop, implement, and disband committees based on specific project needs
  • Assisting the Leadership Council regarding suggestions for new initiatives, priorities, or critical gaps


To increase recognition, paid memberships include the opportunity for individuals to apply for NIAMRRE Scientist titles. This distinction includes:

  • Listing your name, affiliation, and brief information on the NIAMRRE website
  • Ability to list the Scientist title in your personal Curriculum Vitae or Resume
  • Ability to list the Scientist title on business cards or email signatures (must meet brand standards)
  • Access to the digital Land’s End Storefront for purchasing NIAMRRE apparel

Scientist Requirements