Discoveries Made Easy

As a NIAMRRE member, you’ll gain insights into the specific people, places, and ideas that are critical to fighting the global threat of antibiotic resistance. You’ll also get access to a connected community of peers to collaborate with and enhance your current work. NIAMRRE helps you achieve your goals by:

  • Working with you to develop and implement strategies for advancing AMR research and education

  • Serving as a collective voice to advocate for AMR issues, educate others, and share research discoveries

  • Developing and maintaining a resource map that enables you to identify synergies across partners

  • Coordinating AMR advocacy efforts to drive research priorities at the federal level

  • Notifying you of research opportunities and facilitating new cross-institutional initiatives and teams

  • Communicating to you when opportunities to serve as a subject matter expert (SME) arise

Academic Benefits

Connect to Resources

  • Network with other academic and industry leaders in the field

  • Participate in multi-disciplinary teams to compete for large grants

  • Take advantage of workforce development opportunities to fund graduate students or post-docs

  • Participate in coordinated advocacy efforts to increase research funding from federal agencies

  • Identify physical resources that may be necessary for research efforts

Enhance Career Growth

  • Serve on NIAMRRE committees, working groups, and speak at national meetings
  • Contribute to peer-reviewed and published consensus statements and perspectives papers

  • Participate in large grants pursued by NIAMRRE collectively and showcase your research efforts through the NIAMRRE website

  • Exercise voting privileges with a designated Advisor on the Advisory Council

Annual Investment

Very High Research Intensive (R1) $10,000
High Research Intensive (R2) $5,000
Doctoral, MS or 4-yr Special Health $2,500
Baccalaureate $1,500
1890, 1994, and Hispanic Serving Institutions $1,500

Industry Benefits

Drive Solutions

  • Highlight your efforts to leaders and experts across the One Health spectrum with the monthly Member Spotlight Webinar Series

  • Inform policy through NIAMRRE’s advocacy efforts

  • Demonstrate your company’s commitment to mitigating AMR

  • Exercise voting privileges with a designated Advisor on the NIAMRRE Advisory Council

Connect to Resources

  • Access to a broad network of researchers through the NIAMRRE Exchange web community

  • All-employee access to all NIAMRRE programming

  • Locate resources and test beds

  • Identify influencers and emerging technologies

  • Discover funding opportunities and expertise mapping to build project teams

Annual Investment

Large 500+ Employees $15,000
Mid 250-499 Employees $3,850
Small 50-249 Employees $1,250
Scaling 11-49 Employees $500
Start-up 1-10 Employees $300

Affiliate Benefits

  • Serve as an ex-officio member (non-voting) on the Advisory Council

  • Serve on NIAMRRE committees in an ex-officio role

Annual Investment


Alternatively, non-profits and member associations may receive the paid industry benefits mentioned above, including voting privileges, if they wish to purchase a standard industry membership.