Research Networking for Team Building: Sustainable Agricultural Systems

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For the Sustainable Agricultural Systems RFA, NIFA seeks creative and visionary applications that take a systems approach for projects that are expected to significantly improve the supply of affordable, safe, nutritious, and accessible agricultural products, while fostering economic development and rural prosperity in America. These approaches must demonstrate current needs and anticipate future social, cultural, behavioral, economic, health, and environmental impacts. Additionally, the outcomes of the work being proposed should result in societal benefits, including promotion of rural prosperity and enhancement of quality of life for all those involved in food and agricultural value chains from production to utilization and consumption.

In pursuit of facilitating competitive research teams among NIAMRRE members for this funding opportunity, we will host a 90 minute networking session including comments from USDA-NIFA National Program Leader Steve Smith, Q&A, and participant introductions to identify common and complementary areas of interest.

This event is free and open to NIAMRRE members only. Please complete a registration for this event; registrations are accepted up to the start of the meeting.

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