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November 8 | 12-1 pm CT | Open to Members and Non-members

D2Dx™ Immunity Test – A One-Minute Blood Test for Animal Immune Health Testing

D2Dx™ immunity test is a rapid blood test for animal immune health testing.  This test allows quick and accurate assessment of an animal’s immune status in the farm, at the animal side. Farmers and veterinarians can conduct the test in their own local facilities without the need of shipping samples to laboratories and waiting for days to receive the results. Our product is built upon and supported by years of research and extensive data evidence. Multiple studies have shown that the test can detect the immune status change in dairy cows and sheep during periparturient period, predict the risk of diseases such as metritis and their subsequent pregnancy rate when the animals are rebred. The test can also detect and determine the immunity transfer efficiency from mother cows to newborn calves, predict the morbidity and mortality risk of the neonatal dairy calves in the first few weeks of their life. A recent study shows that the test can detect compromised immunity in feedlot calves post transportation, and their risk of developing bovine respiratory diseases (BRD) in the first few weeks upon arrival at the feedlot. In this presentation, we will explain the principles of D2Dx™ immunity test, how to perform the test and how farm owners and veterinary doctors can use such information to make critical management and treatment decisions that will lead to improved productivity while reducing the use of antibiotics on food and livestock animals.


November 8, 2022
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm CST
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