NIAMRRE Member Spotlight Webinar: Iowa State University

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NIAMRRE Member: Iowa State University

About the Webinar

Tuesday, March 2   |    12-1 p.m. CST

Michelle Soupir – AMR Detection and Mitigation in the Agricultural Environment

Monitoring and mitigating AMR in agricultural ecosystems is challenging because antibiotic use varies across animal production systems and downstream waters are mixed with human waste streams. In this talk, I will discuss antibiotic resistance patterns in manures from animal production systems and some potential on-farm antimicrobial resistance mitigation strategies. I will also provide information on AMR trends through surface and subsurface (tile drainage) environmental pathways, highlighting sentinels of resistance as defined by antibiotic-resistant genes. Finally, I will share results of different agricultural best management practices, including prairie strips, and their potential to mitigate antibiotic-resistant genes in surface runoff.

Qijing Zhang – Keeping pace with Selection Pressure: The Emergence of Multidrug-Resistant Campylobacter

Campylobacter jejuni is a zoonotic pathogen and a significant concern for food safety and public health. In response to antibiotic selection pressure, Campylobacter constantly evolves by acquiring new antibiotic resistance mutations and determinants. Recently, Campylobacter strains that are resistant to multiple clinically important antibiotics have emerged and have been implicated in disease outbreaks and foodborne illnesses in different countries. This presentation will provide an overview of the development and trend of multidrug-resistant Campylobacter as well as the mechanisms underlying their multi-drug resistant phenotypes. Relevance to One Health and potential intervention strategies will also be discussed.

Target Audience

  • Scientists;
  • Students (graduate, professional and undergraduate); and
  • Administration/leadership at presenting institution.

About the Presenters

Michelle Soupir

Dr. Michelle Soupir is a Professor and the Associate Chair for Research and Extension in the Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering at Iowa State University. Her research program focuses on sustainable water systems with an emphasis on nonpoint source pollution control, watershed management, and water quality monitoring. Her research projects encompass multiple scales to answer basic and applied research questions regarding the occurrence, fate, and transport of pathogens, pathogen indicators, nutrients, and contaminants of emerging environmental concern (CoEECs) such as antibiotics and antimicrobial resistance (AMR) to surface and groundwater systems. Her work is focused on the impacts of agricultural practices, primarily the application of manure, on water quality. Through unique environmental monitoring, she works to design conservation practices to mitigate the impact of agricultural nonpoint source pollution on downstream waters and reduce public exposure to these contaminants.

Dr. Qijing Zhang

Dr. Qijing Zhang is a Clarence Hartley Covault Distinguished Professor and Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies in the College of Veterinary Medicine at Iowa State University. Dr. Zhang’s research focuses on bacterial pathogenesis and antimicrobial resistance (AMR). His research has discovered emerging AMR threats, novel antibiotic resistance mechanisms, and co-evolution of virulence along with AMR in zoonotic and foodborne pathogens. His work has provided novel insights into the fitness, persistence, and transmission of AMR pathogens in the food chain and has generated information that will facilitate the mitigation of AMR at the animal-human interface.


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March 2, 2021
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm UTC-6
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